Posted by: nealc | July 22, 2010

More progress on the Blue Book

Doing a little more graphing in Chapter 4 of the Blue Book. Very nice, but again the problem with missing data. I found


which gives some of the examples but not all.

Doing Chapter 4. Very nice stuff. I put in the theoretical.plot() function and made a quantile plot against a t-distribution. This is the book I’ve needed for a long time.

Finished Chapter 4. I’m happy about that – this is definitely the book I’ve needed to learn R. Now I just skip entering code that references missing datasets, what else can I do. I do wish I could follow along since whenever an example works, R is so nice in the way you can tweak it and learn more. They mention it on the R webpage but somehow I didn’t “get” the idea that basically only this book will teach you what you need to know.

Chapter 5 is looking perhaps a little bit too detailed, and I had to get to Chapter 10 two weeks ago. But Chapter 5 looks pretty fundamental and useful. I’ve learned so much lately it’s hard to write down everything. I guess one thing that baffled me for a long time was what data frames versus lists versus matrices versus timeseries are. Since they just print out to the screen I didn’t realize they are objects with some kind of default print method.


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